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How do I download a new eBook (or eBooks) into the eBook Reader?
Last Updated 5 months ago

(NOTE: If you have multiple user accounts on a PC, you can unlock your eBooks for all of those users. To do this, you must run the eBook Reader as an Administrator by right-clicking on the desktop icon and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’ before following the steps below.)

1. Load the eBook Reader
2. Select the 'Import eBook' button:

3. Ensure that the 'Download from the Internet' Option is selected
4. Enter your Licence/READ Code and click ‘Download, Install, and Unlock’. Your Licence / READ code will be 20 characters long, begin with 'READ-' and will have been provided to you at the time of purchasing the eBook(s).

5. The download process will begin. This can be seen in the ‘Download Manager’ section at the bottom of the screen.
6. Once the download(s) have completed, the installation process will begin. Click ‘Ok’ when prompted.
7. Read the dialogue boxes that appear and click ‘OK’.
8. The Unlock screen will appear. Your Licence / READ code will already be present in the ‘Licence Code’ box. Enter your email address into the ‘Email Address’ box, and click ‘Unlock’.
9. The eBook(s) will then be unlocked.

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